Background Investigations

Background Investigations have become as common place in pre-employment as drug testing or filling out the application itself. Employers have recognized the importance of conducting thorough pre-employment background investigations on an ever-growing pool of applicants. This all important step in the hiring process will not only help ensure that the best possible applicant is selected to fill an open position but to protect the employer from exposure to liability for negligent hiring as well as to ensure the safety of persons and property that the newly hired employee may have contact with.

As the background industry has grown over the years we have seen new entities adopt and adapt the background process to fit new needs. Volunteer organizations, youth groups as well as property management and Realtors working in an ever growing rental market have all greatly increased their utilization of this process to minimize their risks and protect assets, employees and clientele.

CLS Background Investigations is not a screening firm. CLS Background Investigations is a Background Investigations Company. For those clients new to this process, we are honored to have you on our website as we believe you have made a wise selection in quality and client service. For those clients who have worked with a background screening company in the past, we welcome you to our website as we would like the opportunity to show you the difference.