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Establish Your Account

You can establish your background account with CLS by contacting a CLS Representative. An agent will address any questions you may have about the background process and help you customize a solution that fits the specific needs of your organization. Contact us today at 815-836-0236.

Once your application has been submitted and reviewed by our compliance division, you will be able to login to your account through our secured report management system, place orders, receive completed reports and manage the entire background process. Our staff will always be available to assist you and answer any questions along the way. The system, coupled with the knowledgeable staff at CLS,  is focused on getting you the best results possible in this industry while keeping you in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations that govern this process.

As a new client you must also read and complete, in its entirety, the:

These documents must be returned by fax to us at 815-836-0259. These documents are designed to give you, the employer, a complete understanding of the business relationship between your company and CLS Enterprises of Lockport, Inc. They are also an acknowledgement that you understand the requirements of the applicable laws governing these types of inquiries and your responsibilities as an employer/landlord.