Our Services

After extensive research and testing, we are confident that the outlined menu of services below represents the best that the background industry has to offer. We continuously research, test and explore new data sources as they become available and incorporate them into our service menu once we determine that they meet our standards.

CLS National Database Search

This powerful high-speed multi jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records databases also includes the multi-state sex and violent offenders search. The best national tool database searches in the industry.

CLS National Database Search (Alias)

This newly enhanced version of the CLS National Database Search combines the CLS National Database Search with a SSN Trace to identify potential alias names utilized by the subject of the investigation. This information is then utilized to conduct as many National Database searches as needed to cover all identified alias names…instantly.

Individual County Criminal Search

This inquiry is considered to be one of the most thorough available. Time and again the county level inquiry is the most likely to uncover relevant information. In most cases researchers physically respond to the courthouse to search these records and depending on jurisdiction these inquiries can go back 7-12 years. CLS Enterprises recommends one of the following formulas in determining which counties to research. County selection is not only initiated by the CLS Repot Management System automatically but in addition a trained CLS agent will review each report for the added benefit of the agents experience in these matters.

County Civil Records Search

County Court Civil Records reveal legal actions filed by individuals and businesses. These records may reveal information pertaining to the plaintiff, defendant, particulars of the action, remedies and awards. Records are generally available dating back seven years. This search helps identify high-risk candidates that may become a liability. Court fees may apply and vary by location. In many cases County Civil Record Searches can be searched by name only, however take slightly longer than County Criminal Records.
Varies by Location

National Registry Check

Ideal for landlords and property managers conducting backgrounds for pre-lease purposes. The National Registry Check uses name and address match logic to summarize past court actions, prior landlord inquiries, and landlord reported history.

 CLS Volunteer Screening

CLS is proud to offer the CLS Volunteer Screening Solution to our volunteer organizations. This program combines the abilities of the CLS National Database Search with a SSN Search tool. This search is only offered to volunteer organizations and is subject to random audits. Clients allowed access to this service must certify and guarantee its uses.

CLS Volunteer Screen Plus

This new service is a major enhancement to the CLS Volunteer Screening Product for a small increase in price. This featured package will include the elements of the CLS Volunteer Screening plus a county level criminal search as well as two documented interviews. In the event that negative facts are uncovered during the investigation the volunteer applicant is contacted by CLS and given the opportunity to contest the findings or withdraw from the process. If the volunteer opts to withdraw from the process, the findings are not released to the organization.

Social Security Number Trace & Address History

This search will indicate if a SSN is valid, where it was issued and the name attached to it. In addition it will list up to ten years of address history so that you know where a person has resided. This information may prove to be useful when determining where to run criminal searches.

Workers Compensation Filings Report

This search will include information about injury description, date of injury, filing date, rate of compensation, and time frame. Employers are cautioned that decisions based solely or in part upon information gathered from this report may present issues with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please refer to the Important Considerations and Resources page for direction in ADA and FCRA compliance. Availability of this particular search may vary from state to state and may take up to ten business days. Some states have specific form requirements as well as additional release waivers.

Employment Verification

Addresses a previous employers’ recollection of an applicant during the period of employment specified in the application. This verification is conducted by way of a phone interview and information obtained includes but may not be limited to:

  • dates of employment
  • character
  • title
  • performance

Professional License Verification

Allows the client to confirm professional license and certifications, as well as providing the subject’s professional standing with a regulatory body.

Education Verification

Confirmation of an applicant’s highest level of education. We will verify institutions, dates, major areas of study, degrees earned. May require a release form be faxed prior to providing this information.

Personal References

Conducted by way of telephone interview. Focus is placed upon the applicant’s dependability, integrity, and character.

Driving Record History

A driving history search can be an important aspect of any pre-employment screening process. Information provided will vary by state as will cost and turn around time. Data generally will date back 3-10 years depending on the state and will usually include issue and expiration date, status, and a record of violations, suspensions or revocations. This search is subject to all restrictions outlined in the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and users should be familiar with the requirements before ordering this search. Driving Record Searches are highly regulated and as such require a special service agreement and waiver. Please contact us to obtain these documents prior to ordering this type of search.

Credit Reports

Credit reports used for employment background check purposes are not the same as a standard credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) specifies that certain account information must be removed from the employee background check credit report before it can be used for employment purposes. All of our reports, including credit, are FCRA compliant. Be aware that credit reports are highly regulated and require additional approvals before ordering. In some states pre-employment credit reports are not permitted. We also offer credit reports for pre-lease screening purposes. Please contact us for details and refer to the links provided in the Important Considerations and Resources Page.

Drug Screening

Drug screenings are conducted by way of a urine sample analysis. You will receive specifically coded forms that the applicant will take to any of 2,200 collection sites in the U.S. A sample will be collected and sent to the lab for testing. Results are usually returned to the client within three to five days and are managed in the CLS Report Management System.

Sex Offender Registries

This database search covers most U.S. states and is a list of convicted sex offenders. This search is included with the Combined State Database Search or can be ordered individually.

Healthcare Sanctions Report

This inquiry targets the specifics of caregivers and organizations who have been involved in matters regarding Medicare Fraud.


Conducted at the Federal District Court level and records are specific to that district only. Information obtained can include the type of bankruptcy filing, date of filing, remedies, roster of petitioners, etc. These records can go back up to ten years.

Terrorist Watch List

These searches were made available post 9/11. This search checks an individual’s name against several databases maintained by the government as well as private companies. This search includes several national and international most wanted lists.

Electronic I-9/ E-Verify

We can incorporate your I-9/ E-Verify requirements into the background process for you. The process is initiated, completed and cataloged in the CLS Report Management System. Everything in one location and on one concise report and all compliant with current regulations.


We are committed to keeping our clients compliant with applicable local, state and federal laws. The CLS system will generate all of the necessary forms and notifications for you with the simple click of a mouse. Although our staff are not permitted to provide legal advice or opinions on reports we would be happy to explain results to you and direct you to qualified resources at your request.